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Logan as a scarecrow

Me (Randy)



Scary Jason


Erin Pulling the Boys

Jason Pulling the Boys

Jason and Erin in the Tractor Pulling the Boys

Logan driving

Jacob Driving

Tyler Driving

Me Pulling the Boys

Logan again

Margie Jumping on the Trampoline (Getting Broom)

Margie's new hat and shirt

The Back of her new shirt

Strapping me in with my Halloween Tie

Me on the Bungee Jump

Animals like to carve pumpkins, too

The entrance to the obstacle course

The whole obstacle course

Small slide after climbing stairs on other side

Obstacles to go around through and over

The steps to the last slide

The slide at the end

The Mind Winder (front) and the swings (behind)

The big slide

Double slide with stairs to get to the top. Our Motor Home...

The bounce house

Margie on the Mind Winder

Randy on the Mind Winder

Margie Going Down the Obstacle Course Slide

Randy going down the double slide and our Motor Home

Margie on the Bungee Jump

Margie Just a Blur

A Building Margie Liked

The View out our Bedroom window

More of the Bedroom View

The View out the living room window

Note our motor home and the deflated double slide next to it

The view through the blinds in the living room

A Better Picture of me on the Mind Winder

Thursday 27

We got a call from one of the managers after the Pumpkin Patch closed asking us to cover some motors on the Bungee Jump because of rain. He said he would adjust our time for doing it. Margie jumped on the trampolines after covering the motors. I had taken a soda to drink with some left over pizza after we closed. This task took us about 15 minutes. I sent him a message that Margie said her pay was getting to jump on the trampoline and mine was the soda. So, he didn’t owe us any time. One morning Margie saw one of the rabbits from the petting zoo running lose so she went out in her PJs and caught it and put it back in the zoo. I saw a woman during a private party/fieldtrip wearing a shirt that said normal people scare me. This made me think about how crazy seems to be the new normal. Then another day Margie was looking for a push broom and found it in the Bungee Jump area. Did she crawl under the trampolines to get it? Of course not, she went over the trampoline so she could jump on it before getting off of it.

Tonight after we closed I took pictures I had printed off my computer and used them to take pictures of my son and his family as though they were behind the picture boards in the Pumpkin Patch. I had my future daughter-in-law take and send me pictures of everyone. She sent me front and left side profiles. I cropped them down to just the heads and printed them.

Friday 28

Our schedule for the next three days is 10 hours with one hour off for lunch/dinner. This is our last weekend and Sunday is our last day working at this Pumpkin Patch.

Sunday 30

Margie fixed the last Spaghetti Squash that we got in Washington. We had that and sandwiches for lunch today.

Margie received the package her son in New York sent her. It was an NYPD T-shirt and hat.

Monday 31

We went geocaching today and found about five of them. We couldn’t find the last one we tried for. However, Margie found a five dollar bill and I found pictures I won’t try to describe or post. Just suffice to say they were small X-rated pictures of a large black woman. I also checked a lottery ticket I had bought and I won $1. Then we went back to the Pumpkin Patch to wait for it to close and for the private employee party to start. Margie wasn’t going to go until she found out that we would be able to ride the rides including the Bungee Jump. We had pizza, drinks, and cupcakes before riding the rides. Margie and I went through the inflatables with slides and the obstacle course. We also rode a ride called the Mind Winder. Margie started with the Bungee Jump and I ended with it. At one point one manager asked me if the other manager had closed the gate when he left. She asked because she saw a guy with a headband and very long hair come in that she didn’t recognize. Margie went over to talk to him and it even took her a few seconds to recognize him as one of our quieter younger workers in costume. That’s a good costume, when you almost get kicked out of an employee party because people don’t recognize you as one of them. I took pictures of all of the rides. I should be insulted by the fellow that ran the Bungee Jump for us. The weight stated at the ride says 45 pounds to 200 pounds. We told him that I weighed 201 because it just so happens that I had checked my weight within the last two days. The insult came when he said he wasn’t sure the winch that lifts you up was going to be able to do it. Then instead of pulling me down several times so the bungee shoots you up like they do other people he only did me once and then told me to jump when I came back down. Since I can’t post the videos on this travel blog you can see them on our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/randymargie. Most of the animals in the petting zoo have been sold.


Today we went to do laundry and found a couple of more Geocaches and ate a late lunch/early dinner at a place called Tom’s. It was pretty good. Then we did some grocery shopping. We went to a different store today that was near the laundry we went to. We had actually walked through it while our laundry was drying. Then we went back after we went to have lunch. We got a couple dozen eggs for 50 cents a dozen that have an expiration date for tomorrow. I think they will be fine. I don’t put much stock in expiration dates. I think they are just a way for companies to make more money from people who will throw things away and buy new. I took a couple more pictures today. One out of our bedroom window showing the view from our bedroom after the inflatables are raised. I also took pictures of a couple of the inflatables after they were taken down and put away to show how small they can be made. I took some pictures and video of the other workers working to clean the place up to get ready for Christmas Trees. There are still pumpkins on the lot and tonight we have actually had two people come to the fence on the other side of our RV to ask if they could buy a pumpkin. The problem is WE ARE CLOSED and the pumpkins on the lot are already spoken for by someone who is buying all that remain. IDIOTS.

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