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This is the last entry in this trip journal as we are homeward bound, catching our flight at 3:10 AM for our 24:55 minute flight.

This trip was called magical India and it was indeed that. Here are some of the things that were magical:

1. The beauty of the setting in Darjeeling;

2. The sunrise on Mount Kungchengjunga and seeing Mount Everest at 6 AM;

3. The rickshaw ride through the market in Old Delhi;

4. The Taj Mahal in Agra;

5. Akbar the Great's tomb in Agra;

6. The Sikh temple in Agra

7. The Diwali celebrations in Agra

8. The search for a tiger in Ranthambhore;

9. The elephant ride to the Amber Fort in Jaipur;

10. Bargaining at the bazaar in Jaipur

11. The excitement at the river Ganges in Varanasi.

12. The friendly people.

Here are the things we won't miss:

1. The abject poverty;

2. The crush of people;

3. The traffic;

4. The dead animals;

5. The street vendors;

6. The long days of travel;

7. The smog in Delhi;

8. The smog in Agra;

9. The smog in Jaipur;

10. The smog in Delhi, again; and

11. The garbage in the streets.

I hope you enjoyed reading my trip journal. As they say in India, Rom Rom.

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