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Dennis with our dear friend, James-thank you for all your help!! This...

Our up to date map-Dennis is embroidering each state after we have...

Laurel Lake has over 300 miles of shoreline and is bustling with...

Our rig at Falls Creek Campground in the Daniel Boone Forest

Statue of Harlan Sanders, better know as Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried...

Sanders Cafe, Colonel Sanders first restaurant he ran, along with a motel,...

Inside was memorabilia from the beginning until his passing

Cumberland Falls within the Cumberland State Park

Cumberland Falls, the Niagara of the South

Campfires were an every night event

Thanksgiving dinner for two

Miss these three! Family day at Disneyland

Greetings from Kentucky, the Bluegrass State…..we have now RV’ed in 45 of the 50 states and by the end of this trip, we will hopefully be down to 3 (Montana, North Dakota and Alaska). Now to backtrack a bit….

As we prepared to leave our spot in Charlottesville, Virginia Dennis noticed a noise coming from the engine that was out of the ordinary. Upon inspection, he saw that we had major cracking in the engine/radiator mounts so we made a call to a wonderful friend in the Knoxville area, James. James works in the RV industry and unfortunately, the shop he works at couldn’t handle that repair but he knew a place that could. He made a few phone calls on our behalf, Dennis called the shop and they fortunately had a “Can Do” attitude so as we prepared to travel to Knoxville. We lessened the load on the bumper by removing the tow hitch (I had to drive the tow vehicle separately) and flag pole and drove the 350 miles to Tennessee RV where James works. He was able to provide us a camping spot for the night at his shop. The next morning, James and Dennis drove the RV to the repair shop and in 48 hours they had it repaired. If any of our fellow RV’ers need work done while in the Knoxville area please let us know and we can give you James contact information as he has a lot of contacts in the area. While it was being repaired we stayed in a hotel for two nights; the dogs were very confused but adapted well. We were able to visit the area and visit with James and his family. We can’t thank you enough, James!!!!

We have always wanted to visit Kentucky but because of the detour we modified our plans from visiting Mammoth Caves to southeastern Kentucky. We found a cute campground, Falls Creek Campground, nestled in the Daniel Boone Forest. Normally, it’s a bustling campground that serves as a base for white water rafting but during the winter months it’s a quiet place for camping. There were only 3 rigs there, including us, but no one ever showed up at one and we only saw the people in the other rig once or twice. We took some day trips to the surrounding areas and found the first restaurant owned by the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken, Colonel Sanders in Corbin, Kentucky. It was part KFC and the other part of the building was devoted to his route to becoming one of the most famous figures in the fast food industry. Another day we happened on the Niagara of the South, Cumberland Falls. These falls are over 65 feet high and 125 feet wide and during flood stages can swell to 300 feet wide. The Cumberland Falls State Park had miles of trails and a beautiful lodge overlooking the Cumberland River.

We spent Thanksgiving at Falls Creek Campground and I fixed a semi traditional dinner. I made two of our family recipes, sausage stuffing and cranberry/orange relish. Since it was just the two of us, I cheated a bit and bought thick sliced turkey breast and made green beans and deviled eggs. We ate outside amongst the beauty of the surrounding hills and trees of Kentucky, it was a Thanksgiving to remember.

We are starting to slowly head south toward the Tampa, Florida area to meet up with some fellow vintage RV friends….

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