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There is only one reason to visit the Hunter Valley, which is to go on a wine tour and have a lovely jubbly day out. Which guess what? Yep, exactly what we did.

It is a really beautiful part of the world, which I think can be said about most of the wine producing regions that we have visited around the globe so far.

We found a nice little campsite within striking distance of the wineries and even better than that the campsite had a Thai restaurant, how bizarre, but very nice.

We had booked to go on a wine tour with 'Cheers Wine Tours' the following day, so an early night was had as we had to get up and starting tasting at 0930.

Well what a start to our day, first tasting was about 1000 and there was no looking back, we managed to hit 5 wineries in the day, by the last one, it was "just give us a glass and I'll take whatever's in it".

Aside from the fun of drinking the wine, I think we also actually managed to learn a little bit about wine, for example, did you know that there should always be a film of water across the top of a glass of wine, just hold it up to the light and you will see. So I did remember one thing, but can't recall as to why, nevermind.

We visited the boutique wineries which were all family run and excellent, Lucy's Run sticks in my mind as the best Merlot I have ever had, so must get some when we settle down.

There was only 6 of us on the tour, us a 'couple' of chaps from Sydney and a mixed up couple from Ireland and New York, fortunately everybody liked to drink and it would happen also liked to have a little dance, well the girls that was.

We finished up the tour and then went off to the chaps place on a vineyard to drink our spoils from the day.

I will let you decide who looks the worst for wear.

Great place definately worth a visit again.

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