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I'm the only gay in the village!

Don't ask about the bra's, but hard not to stare, good excuse...

Spot the tourist with Harbour Bridge

Customary picture of the Opera House

Peace and tranquility in the Chinese Garden

Ferry to Manly Beach with city skyline

Awesome Didge players at Circular Quay, even bought the CD

Oonagh and Monica with us for cocktails

Walk from Bronte to Bondi Beach

Our trip to Australia is now at an end. It's hard to beleive that we have been here for 2 months, doesn't feel like it and in a funny way, it doesn't really feel like we have achieved much whilst being here. But I guess we have done a fair bit and covered alot of mileage.

Anyway enough of that, here we are in Sydney and unfortunately it's time to say goodbye to our old faithful Tortoise. We have only been friends for 6 weeks but it feels like a lifetime, it's like our home, so it does feel strange to empty all of our possesions and tidy and clean him up ready for the next parents to take over caring for him.

We were very fortunate that we didn't have to spend too long in the basement of some grotty car park in the King's Cross district of Sydney, where all the backpackers hang out. We sold the van the 2nd day we arrived and after hearing how long some of the others had been there(9 days) were very relieved by this.

We didn't achieve the sale value that we had hoped, but Tortoise did need a little work on him so we caved in on the price a little just to get out of the car park more than anything I suppose, as well as then being released to sightsee around Sydney.

Once Tortoise had gone, we were free of our parental responsibilities and able to go out and about. We were very fortunate that we had some friends in the city who I have know since day dot, so we hooked up with Oonagh and Monica for a night out in trendy Paddington I think at someone's house party and then had a lovely brunch the following day in one of the suburbs, which was great. Got lots of tips of places to visit which we did, always helps having the locals around.

We managed to fit in all the tourist sights whilst in town and got our money's worth out of the transport system which is excellent, $40 for a weeks pass which allows you on all the trains, buses and ferries around the harbour, so don't bother with a harbour cruise, just get on a ferry.

Had a fab week here, probably made all the better by the weather, most of the time anyway, now it's off to Melbourne for the weekend and then it's arrivaderchi Aussie!

See you in the next country!

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