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Ile flottante - worth risking taking a bullet

On that one Stephanie and I had slightly different objectives:

me, oh so slightly paranoid due to a 1 month stay back in 1999, all I wanted to do was to STAY ALIVE. My program was Airport-taxi-eat-sleep-taxi-airport.

Whilst Stephanie had booked a cute Bed&breakfast (can't remenber the name, but indeed V nice, managed by a writter and very close to one of the very few "grey" (black and white people in the same area with no gun involved) and cool part of town (Melville I think); she noticed the potential shopping opportunity on the way and the large proposition of restaurants. So after totally freaking out because we had to wait almost 40 seconds ouside the BB (= we could have been shot,hacked,stabbed and probably eaten 40 times I was thinking), nearly knocking down the poor writter as I was banging at the door (let us in we are OUTSIDE and UNARMED, we are SITTING DUCKS) at the same moment she oppened the door, Stephanie suggested we STROLLED outside to get to the restaurant. It took her 1 hour+ to convince me that my comparison to Mogadisho 1993 was perhaps a triffle exagerated. So we did ventured oustide and to my utter amazement we were neither shot at nor stabbed nor anything. And there was Ile flottante at the restaurant, which after weeks in Malawi was a nice treat.

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