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January 22 – 29

A whole week of absolute relaxation, dips in the pool, suntanning, and reading. Now this is what vacations are for, just ‘being’. After all we are human beings, not human doings!𯘂𯘂

I didn’t do a daily blog as the routine didn’t vary much each day. Breakfast either downstairs or on our beautiful balcony, sun worshipping and swimming in the pool and happy hours & dinners on the balcony. Absolute heaven!

We did venture one day to the city of Santa Marta (about 500,000 people) which is the oldest city in Colombia, founded in 1525. Our driver told us that shortly after it was founded, pirates attacked and without a fortress, destroyed most of the city. There are older colonial buildings, however it doesn’t have the appeal that Cartagena’s old city does. We didn’t stay long, and came back via the tourist beach area of Rodadero. Here is where most of the tourists stay, and amongst the shops, restaurants, beach vendors, and thousands on the beach, we carried on through and back to Bello Horizonte. Too busy and crowded for us – great for the younger set.

During the 10 days we experienced rain only once, and quite the storm it was. It blew up after we went to bed and was incredibly noisy, knocking the power out a few times. The next day, blue skies and endless sunshine. At times we have to hide from the sun as around noon it is almost unbearable. The temperature averages around 30 – 32, however we have had a couple days of 37, 38!!!! One day, one of the staff told me it was mas fresco today at 35. First time I have considered 35C, cooler!

It is with sadness that we get into the taxi to the Santa Marta airport. We said our goodbyes to all of the staff, and now it’s time to fly back to Bogota and then Vancouver. Adios Sandra Marta, it has been awesome!

We land in Bogota to temperatures of 14C – brrrrr, what a difference from 35 or even 32 in just an hour and a half flight! We are freezing and get out the long pants and sweaters, and head to our airport hotel restaurant (Hotel Habitel which is first class!). We have Ajiaco soup and Empanadas accompanied with excellent Chilean wine, and all is well in our world.

Very sad to be leaving Colombia, it has been a great experience. We are already planning a return trip in the late fall, entonces nos vemos muy pronto!

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