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London Bridge transported to Lake Havasu City

London Bridge

The boundary of London was marked by a Heraldic Dragon

Attractive Barrel Cactus

Volcanic rock in Mojave National Preserve

Hillsides covered in Brittlebush

Very pretty

Hole-in-the-Wall formations

We loved this sign on the roads we were bouncing along

Kelso Dunes can be seen for many miles

Impressive dunes

The unique McDonalds at Barstow Station

Lancaster, CA London Bridge is in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. A 90-minute walking tour provides lots of information about the bridge. It was built in the 1830s and formerly spanned the River Thames in London, England. It was dismantled in 1967; each stone block was numbered, shipped to Lake Havasu City and reassembled. The vintage lamps on the bridge are made from melted down cannons of Napoleon Bonaparte’s army. One of the more grisly periods of the bridge’s history was at the southern gateway between 1305 and 1660, when it was customary to display the severed heads of traitors, impaled on pikes and dipped in tar to preserve them against the elements. The Bridge is rumored to be haunted. For years, visitors have claimed sightings of a British police bobby patrolling the bridge and a woman in black roaming the night. Leaving Arizona behind, we travelled into California. We did not, however, take a direct route as most would. Instead we bumped along miles of wash-boarded, primitive, 4-wheel drive dirt roads in the Mojave National Preserve. The Preserve is vast. At 1.6 million acres, it is the 3rd largest unit of the National Park System in the contiguous US. We searched for rattlesnakes as we checked out the scenery, the volcanic formation Hole-in-the-Wall, and the Kelso Dunes. The dunes cover 45 square miles. The tallest dune is 650’ high. When we reached pavement again, we raced off to Barstow, CA to stop in at Barstow Station. This iconic landmark on famous Route 66 is a required stop for all tourists. The construction is quite interesting. 16 train cars were strung together during the original construction of the station in the 1960’s and 70’s. Then another building was snugged up next to them. The place contains a McDonalds, a Subway, Dunkin Donuts and some of the junkiest souvenirs imaginable. It is a great place!

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