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Have you ever seen anything like this!


Valley floor is Goldfields while poppies are on the side hill



Field of Lady Phacelia

Closer look at the purple Lady Phacelia

They are more than happy to all grow together

So nice

Forest of wind generators beyond the poppy fields

So many enticing trails


Even the Joshua is blooming

people playing in the poppies

Carpet of poppies and goldfield flowers

Lancaster, CA Today we found the poppies! Lancaster, CA is in Antelope Valley. Antelope Valley has fantastic conditions for the Mexican Gold Poppy also called the California poppy - state flower of California. It seems silly to have a state flower that blooms for such a brief time and is so elusive until you have seen vast carpets of the amazing colors. The poppy is also called Cup of Gold with good reason. Although Sandi had tried to explain it, Jim was dumbfounded when he saw the displays on the hillsides. It is breathtakingly beautiful. Unfortunately, it was not only the beauty that took our breath away. The wind was sustained at 38 to 43 mph with gusts between 70 and 80 mph PLUS we hiked up and down hills. We spotted birds “flying” sideways and were ourselves propelled along rapidly when the wind was behind us or bent in half when trying to force ourselves into the wind. It was totally worth it! Now if we could just find Jim a rattlesnake.

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