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Not poppies but beautiful!

Such a carpet of Goldfields

Color as far as the eye could see


Field of purple Blue Dicks

Mix of poppies and Goldfields

Poppies close up without the sun

These poppies are enjoying the sunshine

This field is absolutely brilliant when the sun is out and the...


Great scenery


Desert Quail

Horned Lark - his song is lovely

Side Blotch lizard

The Musical Road was lots of fun

Lancaster, CA Not being able to resist the call of the wildflowers, we ventured out again on some country roads to take in more of the beauty of the desert. Because conditions are not quite right, this is not a super bloom year as were 2008 and 2010. Imagine what those years must have been like! We were definitely not the only ones to succumb to the call. There were lots of other folks out frolicking in the flowers and as enthralled with the beauty as we. We have now accomplished our goal of finding the motherlode of poppies and we saw a bit of wildlife as well. As if London Bridge a couple of days ago had not enough of an oddity, we also checked out the only “musical road” in the US. It all began in Japan when an engineer was digging with a bulldozer when he accidentally scraped some markings into a road. Later when he drove over the markings he realized that the vibration produced a tune. Depending upon how far apart the grooves are and how deep they are, a car moving over them will produce different sounds. Here, the musical road was created for a Honda commercial but it became such a hit with the locals that they decided to keep it. Visitors who wish to hear music must stay in the far left lane of the three-lane road. It’s said that driving at 55mph provides the optimal sound quality. To verify that, we kept making U-turns so we could check it out at a variety of speeds. Anyone watching probably knew exactly what we were doing. We agreed that 55 is best. To date, the only other “singing” roads are located in Japan, South Korea and Holland.

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