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My first camping stop on this odyssey

The Frazer River at Fort Langley

My rig looks tiny compared to my next door neighbour's monster

A gloomy morning with rain periods but it stayed dry while we took the dogs on their daily 30 minute walk. I left Rosedale about 10:00am & drove to Safeway in Chilliwack but stupidly I left the RV Park bible at Mike’s house so they kindly drove all the way to Chilliwack & caught up to me in the Safeway parking lot to deliver it.

My grocery shopping was painfully slow because all the brands are different so it took forever to find what I needed. Now I’ve got supplies for the next few days & I’m sure that by then I will have compiled another substantial shopping list.

My new GPS quit working just as I needed it when I turned off the freeway but there were enough signs to Fort Langley to guide me & I found the Fort Campground without any dramas. I hooked up the power but didn’t bother with the rest because I need to leave to go to see Kim’s folks, Paul & Charlotte later.

The day improved after lunch so I walked to the fort which is about 10 minutes away but decided I’d like to spend another day here, just to catch my breath so I’ll do a proper tour of the fort tomorrow.

Found my way to Paul & Charlotte’s with the help of the GPS which fortunately didn’t quit at a crucial time & had a great time catching up with them, drinking wine & eating salmon. I needed to leave before it got dark (& before I drank too much wine) but made it safely back to the campground.

Everything’s hooked up & working properly, I think, so now I’m really on my way.

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