Mo's Seafood...wonderful food and views..

View from our table..


Loved the names on the bathrooms...


President Bush and Kennedy and more famous people who had dinner at...


We enjoyed walking around the pier..

Looking back at Mo's ..


Jerry with the Yaquina Bridge in the background..


Making our way to the barking sea lions..

There are a lot of murals in the area..

Getting closer to the sea lions..

Lots of people watching them too...

We saw about a dozen of them...


Scratching his itch...:-)

Close up..

Check out the tiny baby squeezed in the middle..:-)



Another cool mural...

We are saving this one for when Vickie and Sam come to...

Back home, a family of river otters..


Egret fishing on the dock..

He got one..:-)

We see a lot of kayaks ...

Last one..

We were in the mood for some fresh seafood, so we headed to Mo’s. Mo’s has been a Pacific Northwest landmark for the past 70 years. They are not only known for their awesome chowder and seafood, they are all located with spectacular vistas, most right on the water.

We enjoyed our blackened fish and shrimp with their special cabbage salad with garlic dressing topped off with tiny bay shrimp. The view from our table was awesome, we could see people unloading their crab traps and washing down the boats while listening to a group of sea lions barking nearby.

After lunch, we walked down the sea walk to get a close-up view of the sea lions. We saw about a dozen of them and one tiny baby. They baby was squeezed in the middle of three huge ones. We are loving this area so much, there is so much wildlife to see. When we arrived back home we had egrets fishing off the floating dock at our campground and a family of river otters diving off the dock too. I know I have not been updating as much as usual, we have been too busy enjoying the view. ;-)

We are buying a crabbing license and will be doing a lot of crabbing this week for Dungeness crabs, will let you know if we have any luck. I will let the pictures tell the rest of the story. Check back later for more from the incredible Oregon Coast.

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