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Mohawk Falls

Pretty cascade


View from our room

Cooperstown, NY Our day began with pancakes made with fresh raspberries picked last night. They tasted so good! We chatted too long with our hosts Laura and Gordon over breakfast and did not leave very early. We really enjoyed our stay with them. Gordon had recommended Ricketts Glen State Park. We traversed some very winding, narrow roads through some pretty country but we did find it. There are 21 waterfalls along the Falls Trail system. Because of recent storms, the trails were a soupy, muddy mess, more rain was imminent, and the mosquitoes were out in full force. Thus the full 7.2-mile loop was out of the question. Unfortunately we were not even able to complete the 3.2-mile loop that allows viewing of 18 of the falls. It is always best to leave something unaccomplished so there is a reason to come back! We found our motel for the night and are surprised and delighted to find that it is right across the road for Lake Otsego. The lake is 9 miles long and 167 feet deep – pretty impressive.

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