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our very first "Good Night Charlie" experience

welcome at the Palmer Elks Lodge

Happy Independence Day at the Palmer Elks

Josef makes good on his promise to prepare dinner

Trough out the night it rained intermittently. The temperature at 6 am was 56 F. We managed a nice breakfast in spite of the lack of an electrical hookup by using the inverter which converts battery power to AC power that drives the toaster oven and coffeemaker. As the distance to Palmer was but some 150 miles we were not in a great hurry. However since the Elks do not take reservations it is always best to arrive shortly after noon.

And so we did after a pleasant drive on much better than usual road surfaces compared to the rest of Alaska. The most striking occurrence of this drive was a Moose calmly crossing the crowded highway.

The Palmer Elks Lodge is a very nice place. Situated on a lake a short distance outside the upscale neighborhood of this pleasant city. We were especially pleased to find a good site and to learn that the Club would be open beginning in late afternoon. The manager gave us some valuable information about several large Supermarkets in town which we heeded without delay for provisions.

Driving into the parking lot of Fred Meyer, a prominent Supermarket in the Pacific Northwest my heart dropped several stages. The parking lot was packed on the 4th of July ! I dropped off Carlotta and Josef armed with the trusty walkie - talkies and proceeded to find a parking spot. This is when the size of the Beaver becomes a burden. One does not want to wind up boxed in by a multitude of cars. I found my solution far in the back of the market in between the trailers waiting to be unloaded.

When looking for my two mates I passed a BBQ stand in front of the market. It was offering samples of BBQ Pork Ribs. It did not take much to entice me and I sampled not one but three of the delicious ribs. Now I had to find Carlotta and Josef who were shopping for the ingredients by which Josef would make good on his promise to cook an entire meal. To be exact it would be Hamburgers for Independence Day! It did not take me long to find the two who quickly broke the news that tonight's dinner menu has changed to BBQ Pork Ribs and Cole Slaw ! There was no resistance from my part.

Soon we were back at the Elks and proceeded with the celebration of "Independence Day".

Acknowledgement: You may ask " how does Pepi know so much about planning an Alaska Journey " ? That is a good question since all Carlotta and I did about Alaska was a seven day cruise in the lap of luxury of a Holland America ship visiting the south of the state.

The answer is simple. I learned long ago when you do not know, you ask. And ask I did in an RV on line forum called RV.Net. There I found two fellow RV owners who's distinction it is that they have traveled extensively to and from Alaska and in one instance lived there for quite some time. They provided me with a wealth of information. In one instance an entire proposed itinerary with campground and visitor attraction information.

My heartfelt thanks go to Joe Cooper and Larry and Joan Withworth ! Brothers of the Open Road !

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