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Again. Sorry about the finger.

Large cabana with a stage for events.

Softball, volleyball and basketball field/court.

We have moved north out of the city. Much greener, prettier and cooler. We could not use the tunnels (No RV's) so we opted for the Washington Bridge. After some small fees on the Toll Roads, we were shocked to get charged $84.50 to cross the bridge. You cannot leave New Jersey without paying. Chris Christy is on our list.

We are again fighting poor Wifi, so it will take a while to insert, correct and edit all the pictures from our four days in New York City. There was a lot to see and a short time to do it. We did our best between raindrops.

We are now at a KOA campground. It is a very nice well managed CG. We rate it one of the top 3 we have ever been in. The weekend had lot of activities for everyone, including a 7 piece band in the evening. The place almost emptied on Sunday and started filling back up Monday.

We also went to a Verizon in town to have our Jetpack checked out, because it was old and did not seem to work like it should. Of course you never go in without buying something. We bought a Wifi Tower that only works on electricity, not battery. It works so well that we were able to catch up the blog out here in the country.

Heading into Massachusetts tomorrow. We hope to have the closing on our new house done this week. If that happens as planned we will start heading north toward Canada.

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