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Mel and his nephew Ryan Rolick

Migration - 1992 - 100 years of Ukrainians in Canada


Sunset thru storm

Today was a day trip to Hamilton. We stopped in Guelph briefly to see the university campus & a Tim's stop. Then we headed to McMaster University to see Ryan in his office on campus. He is finishing his masters degree in hydrology and hopes to have his thesis presented by September. We walked to go out for dinner and it was a bit of a hike in30 degree temperatures. The return walk was a bit cooler but even I did not need a jacket or sweater! Along the way we stopped and checked out the monuments honouring the Ukrainian immigrants. A second interesting place was the CFL museum. Unfortunately it closed just before we got there! We continued on to a place called Knead for a Rolick favourite - pizza! The next stop was a Portuguese bakery to pick up something for the guys and Genevieve. She works at the public library in Hamilton so we took her a treat. Our timing was perfect so she had her break with us and gave us a tour of the library. It has many amazing options for the public to use including a Janome embroidery machine. I am going to have to check out our main library when I return home to see what is new! On our return drive home the rains came down and the sunset was something else. I know I did not capture it well but I will remember it. If these storms continue we won't have to worry about truck washes! 𯘀𯘀

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