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My trip to Indonesia

Location: South-East Asia

Currency Used: IDR (Indonesian Rupiah)

Main language: Indonesian

From the exotic white sands in Bali to the vibrant city of Jakarta, Indonesia has something unique to offer everyone. With extremely inexpensive accommodation and local food, its no wonder Indonesia is a popular tourist location. I hope you use my experience in this guide to plan an amazing trip to Indonesia. Be sure to visit some of the lesser known areas in the country and just not stick to Bali and Thousand Islands! Indonesia is very diverse. For travelers wondering.. Bali or Thailand? I will also use this post to highlight some of the differences between the two countries based on my experiences.


Firstly, lets start with the cost (we all know the coins are the most important thing). Typically, the airfare to Denpasar (Bali) is much more expensive than the capital Jakarta. Therefore, travelers can fly into Jakarta at a cheaper rate and use a local airline to fly over to Denpasar (Bali). It is possible to obtain a one way ticket to Bali for as low as $39 on a local airline depending on the season. I recommend staying a couple days in Jakarta before flying to Denpasar if you choose this option. I advise travelers to purchase their onward ticket to Denpasar before arriving in Jakarta because flights to Denpasar on local airlines are booked up fast.


Lodging in Bali is very cheap. A five star villa with a private pool is possible to obtain for as low as 60 dollars a night. If travelers are looking for an even cheaper option they can stay in a guest house foe as lows 5 dollars per night. Most accommodation in Indonesia feature free breakfast and Wi-Fi :-)




Suggested Daily Budget

Bali vs. Thailand

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