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Oregon's Smokin

Limited Visibility in California

The masks help

Tonight's View

We are on the road! Left Sunday 9am and spent the first night at a French Prairie rest stop on the I5 in Aurora Oregon. It is HOT. and the air is choking with smoke.

Monday we spent the night at the Randolph Collier rest stop in California, which is a favourite of ours, but the smoke is even worse. We had geni working overtime & had dinner, a movie & some cool sleeping.

Tuesday the smoke is almost gone! After driving through Lessen National Forest & Volcanic Park taking highways 89,44 & 36 to the 395 we are near Susanville at Honey Lake RV Park.

All is going much smoother than the last trip south in 2016 when we ran over that club chair in Seattle!

One interesting traffic situation, we came bearing down, in the slow lane on a car that didn't want to get into the off ramp lane, as the line up was too long. He just stops in the slow lane until we are fast approaching, horn a blaring, when suddenly a fellow driver sees what's about to happen & makes room for him to get off the highway. Yup he beat the mile long exit wait.

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