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The Old Market

Bob Kerry Pedestrian Bridge

Standing in 2 States at the Same Time

Heartland of America Park

Up and out by 8:30. Original plan for today revolved around the Durham Museum. However, when I was verify things last night, I discovered it is closed in Mondays, apparently after Labor Day. So I went to Boys Town first thing this morning which was actually on the itinerary for tomorrow. I was aware of the organization, had heard of Father Flannigan, and knew it originated in Omaha. I drove/walked around the campus, then spent most of my time in the Hall of History watching a film and visiting the museum. Yesterday my "low tire pressure" warning came on when I was leaving Davenport. I didn't think too much about it because it sometimes comes on for no reason. But I checked the tires and they seemed to be okay. This morning the warning came on again. It came on again when I was leaving Boy's Town so I got out to look at the tires and the rear driver's side did seem low. Ten miles back into town and I didn't come across a gas station! Ended up having to go out towards the airport to find a station. I filled the rear driver's and checked the others. Will probably have it checked out in the morning since I have a 3 1/2 hour drive through rural Nebraska and Kansas later in the day tomorrow. By the time I got back downtown it was 1:30. Walked around The Old Town and had lunch at Upstream Brewery at Jackson and 11th Street. Unloaded my bike and worked my way over to Lewis and Clark Landing. Watched a film about the Lewis and Clark expedition in the Lewis and Clark National Historic Site Headquarters and Visitor's Center. Next rode over the Bob Kerry pedestrian bridge to Iowa. Of course, had to take the picture of my feet in both Nebraska and Iowa at the same time. Rode around on the Iowa side for awhile. Like New Orleans, they have a levee w/ a path on top of it. Crossed back over the bridge and rode up and down the Omaha water front including the Heartland of America Park. Also checked out the Gene Leahy Mall which is like a park w/ a small lake right in the middle of town. It is 10 feet or so below street level and runs for several blocks. Wrapped up around six, earlier than I otherwise might have but I wanted to get back to the hotel to check out my options for getting my tire looked at tomorrow. Had dinner at Ruby Tuesdays again.

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