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Cinsta is on the edge of a lagoon, and the hostel complex covers 25 acres of hillside with over 3000 trees (they know, they planted them all!). Accommodation is spread beween cottages, dorms and bar/main house. I'm spoilt again as Kate & I share the cottage closest to the beach, with its own veranda overlooking the lagoon. We take a stroll along the beach, where the wooded hills run right up to the sand, and have sundowners in Michaela's, a restaurant perched on a hilltop overlooking the sea. The bar gets quite wild at the Hostel that night, and with Mandi & Ze 'Chermans we join the fun. Our unique style of card playing keeps the other guests entertained (or just pisses them off, depending on your perspective!), and we all retire happy once more.

Saturday is spent on the beach without sunglasses, having lost them to the first wave that hits me!! We book in for a horse ride on Sunday, so extend our stay 'til Monday. A volleyball party with free wine precedes a traditional 3course Khosa meal in the main house, and after Kate crashes we start a pool marathon. Thrown out by a very tired barmaid who insists on locking us out at 3am. Poor show!

Sunday brings a free breakfast on the deck of the Main House. My good humour fades rapidly once I get on my horse later though, as he's got a nervous tick which leaves me ready to abandon-horse within the first 5 minutes. I persevere (have no choice, woman running the ride won't let me stop!), and am rewarded with a far more pleasant trot along the beach. We see dolphins playing offshore, and have a few gallops along the sand. He only seems vaguely under control, and isn't too willing to stop! After 2 hours in a western saddle my back is battered, and I relish the massage waiting at Bucanneers Beauty Hut. Nearly 2 hours of being rubbed with oil ensue, and I'm totally spaced! Head off to Micheala's again, and have a smashing Sunday meal. It's only as I wander outside clutching my half-empty wine bottle that I realise there's no moonlight, I'm feeling a bit pissed, and have about 2km including the lagoon to cross before getting back to the hostel!! I make it back without getting mugged or attacked, but with a tight club-like grip on my wine, heart racing and hoop tensed! Time for a nightcap over a game of South African-edition Trivial Pursuit in a noisy bar with ze' Chermans before bed.

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