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Glitzy Vespa at Malpensa airport

Clever dogs in Italy!

Duomo in Milan

Artistic Italians

Sensible walking shoes - couldn't resist!

Maybe these are better !

Welcome to Lake Como

Lake Como

Inside Duomo Lake Como

Somebody found a truffle shop!

Hello from wonderful Italy.

We arrived at Malpensa airport, Milan, at 6.10 am on the 20.09.17 and needing coffee!

Fairly quiet at this time of the day. Caught the Malpensa express train to Milano Centrale. A 40 minute train ride, on a new, smooth, clean train. Melbourne must learn from this!

Even the well presented train conductor wore her uniform well, and had diamond trimmed (possibly faux, but who knows!) black boots. Such Italian style.

A few station stops enroute allowed the regular, sophisticated perfumed, designer shoe clad commuters to board.

Even the locale polizia board, engrossed in his iphone as he stands neatly dressed in uniform with his hand gun openly exposed in its white leather holster.

At this early part of the morning with the sun coming up, you caught glimpses of the Alps in the background, still snow capped, looked like they were iced with pale pink icing.

Milano Centrale is a bustling place. Nonetheless, we managed to remember to walk on the opposite side of the footpath, and get our heads around navigating to our hotel, and crossing roads safely.

A quick turn around, and we are back on a Metro train to the Duomo. This is one stunning duomo, and still takes your breath away when you see it.

This is a very touristy area. Loads of tourists, loads of expensive designer shops, and newly placed bollards.

The 21.09.17 saw us do much the same, this time catching an old tram and heading to it's terminus, then walking and pushing the navigation skills. We have enjoyed just being here and being in the mix.

I might add, from your Milano fashionista that it appears that large round sun glasses are the go, along with plenty of glitzy metallics in fabric and leather, and heaps of studs in shoes, boots and handbags.

Today, we caught a train to Lake Como for lunch, as you do!

Couldn't find George Clooney, we guessed he was at home baby sitting the twins!

A touristy place again, but delightful. Surrounded by steep hills, and popular with cyclists.

Como is the third largest silk producer after Asia.

We lunched at a restaurant opposite the Duomo. A tasty pasta with pistachio pesto and sea bream cream, whilst Mark had pasta with calamari, basil and tomato. So yum!

Tomorrow, we travel by train to Parma to join our group for the Food Lovers' Francigena Way trip.

So to borrow Forrest Gump's saying- life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get - well we don't either, and we don't know who we will meet...........

Love Marco and Giana

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