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Arches in PLace of Pallet Pavilion

Swimming Lesson on the Avon

Maples and Redwoods Botanical Garden

New like Old

Transitional Cardboard Cathedral

Cathedral Repair

September 23, 2017

Bob ordered some Tibetan food from Himalayas that was delivered! Bob is still not feeling well so the both of us were in bed by 9:00!

I was up early but Bob got 11 hours of sleep. Did laundry and packed up most of the rig for trade in.

Beautiful day! Left about 10:00 for our tramp around the city. We stopped at the Casino café for a long black and flat white. Tried to find the Pallet Pavilion but it was not in existence any longer. In its place were several cathedral style arches. From there we made inquiries about punting on the Avon, walking tour and the gondola ride. Have found that the I Site folks don’t have good information and the signage is non-existent. We decided to go to the botanical gardens and then the Avon punt. Gardens were glorious especially the newly bloomed maples surrounded with hundreds of daffodils. We hiked to the bridge to pick up the punt only to find that pick up point was 5 blocks back! What good are the I Site people!!!. At that point we went to Cathedral Square and on to the transitional cathedral known as the Cardboard cathedral due to the 98 cardboard tubes used in its construction. The entire building was built in 11 months which seemed like a long time for what we saw.

Bob has been on the hunt for an old style rugby shirt. Along the way he was told of two places that might carry them and had the addresses. He found them on line so we were headed to the mall. Arrived at the first mall and was told that no such place existed. Then walked about 5 long blocks south to the South City Mall and found the store. Nothing even close to what he wanted. We did find replacement for our lost forks and Bob found a warmer shirt at the Warehouse for 10 blocks. For those of you who know Bob’s fetish for jackets and pullovers, you will understand!

Was now nearly 2:00 and didn’t want to go to a museum on such a glorious day. Decided to have a snack at Pomeroy’s at Kilmore known for its craft beers. We were getting tired of walking but managed the five very long blocks. The menu was limited but Bob found a steak salad we shared that was really pretty good. He had real UK ginger ale and I had Liberty Yakima Monster APA. Nice sitting in the garden.

From there to the temple that was a block away from our motel but another six long blocks of walking. We found it but other than seeing the stained glass there was no signage and was behind heavy iron gates. They obviously did not want to draw attention. Today is a high holiday but no evidence of activity.

More laundry and finished packing up the rig. Tonight we are going to an Italian restaurant, Cafe Valentino, about 10 blocks from the motel. Hopefully we have the energy to walk it but probably take a cab back.

We lose an hour of sleep tonight because of the daylight saving change. Still not sure where we will go next. Will check the weather in the morning. Don’t want to miss Mt. Cook but don’t want to be turned back either because of weather. No really good plan B at this point.

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