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A blockhouse built during the War of 1812, designed to protect the...

Colourful begonias at the entrance to the Kingsbrae Gardens in St Andrews

I think Ballarat should copy the idea of a tree made of...

They're very proud of this tree - the first Wollemi Pine (from...

There's not a huge amount of colour at this time of year...

These hydrangea "Limelight" must grow particularly well here - I've seen lots...

Mural on the side of the hardware store in St Andrews

St Andrews main street

St Andrews waterfront at low tide

Another very short hop today of just over 100km. I had an extra day to fill in before I go to Fredericton tomorrow but I’m glad I came here, it’s a charming town.

St Andrews is just across the St Croix River from Maine & was founded by American Loyalists who were refugees from the Americans when Britain lost the revolutionary war in 1783. Many of these loyalists lost everything in the war so they were true refugees when they arrived here.

A lot of the old waterfront buildings have survived & most of them have plaques describing who built it & when. I saw one house that had been in the same family since 1789.

The Oceanfront Campground, which is only a 10 minute walk from town, is owned by the Kiwanis but the managers are a lady from Perth & her husband. Actually, they have a house just south of Mandurah & go back every year to help with the wheat harvest. Not a bad lifestyle of endless summer.

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