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One of the first things I needed to do this morning was visit the local place the lady at the campground told me would winterise the motorhome for $40.

I spoke to the people there & had it all organised for them to do it next week & almost as an afterthought, confirmed the price of $40. That’s when I was told I’d been misinformed, their price was $125 plus they’d charge $50 to drive 1km down the road to do it here.

That changed everything. I came back to the campground & the lady was very apologetic but that’s what she pays a friend to do her trailer & she thought it was the going rate.

So I’ve gone back to Plan A. Tomorrow morning I’ll drive out to RV World which is very close to the airport & I’m sure they’ll do a good job of looking after it. I’m not into saving money on this trip & right now it’s more important to have peace of mind.

I’ve done everything I can think of to make sure it will be in good shape when I come back next year – everything is clean & dry, I’ve got rid of all the food & put any cleaning products that I think might freeze in the bucket so they won’t make a mess if they happen to expand out of their containers.

I’ve drunk all the wine & I’m told the Bacardi won’t freeze because of its higher alcohol content so I’m ready for the next exciting phase of this amazing adventure.

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