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Mt. Taranaki

Te Rewa Rewa Bridge

October 12, 2017

Awoke to a glorious morning. First thing we did was check on fire status. Horrific! Our house is locked up tighter than a drum because of VRBO guests. It is even worse as with no electricity the garage doors won’t open from the outside. All of our keys were locked in an area of the house with the only access key in Bob’s car in the garage. The garage door was locked! A very long story short is that our gardener, Salvador, is our first hero. He was able to get access to Bob’s car which allowed access to the key that allowed access to the rest of our keys, namely to the cars. In the meantime Sandy Atwood and Rafe Thomsett were all trying to help us get access. Our nephew, Noah Cavin, in Sebastopol called Josh to see if we needed help. Heros number two are Noah and Rebecca who went to Sonoma and got the rig and the SUV from the garage and drove to Sebastopol. They will pick us at the airport on Saturday. We are so relieved and will be able to sleep tonight knowing we have transportation and a place to sleep. We may go to Truckee to stay at the Dederer house depending on what the situation is in Sonoma on Saturday.

United was absolutely no help in helping us change our flights from Monday to Saturday. They extracted every dollar they could.

Having a plan in place we drove to the Egmont visitor center at Mt. Taranaka. Saw very little because of clouds which they said probably would clear a bit later with the wind. Sure enough. As soon as we approached camp we saw it! Really is impressive and a must see.

From there we took a coastal walk not far from camp. The route is just beautiful and quite long. You can actually walk to and through town. We were able to see the Te Rewa Rewa bridge which looks like whale ribs.

Going to The Nice Hotel to a restaurant called Table for dinner. Won’t see Auckland or have a nice dinner there so this will be it!

Please know that Bob and I are thinking and keeping all of our Sonoma friends in our hearts through this unimaginable situation. Sonoma has never had the National Guard on the plaza with M 16s.

Love you all!

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