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Golden cathedral Genova


Golden cupola in cathedral

Walk over tombs in floor of cathedral

Pictures of WW2 bombing on this cathedral

Marco rowing 60kg oar on galley at Genova maritime museaum.

Sea monsters from the past at Maritime museum.

Yummy minestone genevese style

Christopher Colombus statue at Genova, near rail way station.

Saturday arvo down at Milano Centrale station

Our day in Genova was well worth the visit.

A big port city, that is where you head off to Cinque Terre. We would have walked that again if time allowed.

Maybe the coin tossed in the Trevi fountain in Rome will bring us back to Italy again one day, so we could do the walk then.

We spent a few hours at the Maritime museum. 5 floors of interesting history, maps, boats, info about Christopher Colombus, to the story of migration.

From there we visited the most beautiful Basilica SS Annunziata del Vastato. Real gold in the painting on the ceiling. Simply stunning as you can see from the photos. This cathedral was bombed in the second world war.

From here, the old part of the city is a real maze. Not even the GPS gets it. Not all tiny streets are on the map. Not all the streets are straight. We were going in ever increasing circles.

We just kept walking and walking, enjoying getting lost. It was fascinating.

We came upon a tiny restaurant to have a bowl of minestone genevese style with pesto in it. Truly delicious.

Our hotel was atreat too.

Deliberately located close to the station, as I knew we would be frazzled after our epic long journey the previous day.

This hotel was decked out in art deco furniture. A very old lift offered relief for getting luggage to the next floor.

More grilled sword fish tasted, along with a typical genevese pasta dish with, you guessed it, basil!

Our train trip from Genova to Milano Centrale was a breeze, only and hour and a half. However, we were still guessing where carrozza 11 might be, and which end of the train was the head, as sometimes trains don’t go in the direction you think, so that confuses everyone.

Years ago, there were posters on the platforms, indicating the train carriage order.

We arrived into very smoggy Milano. About a km walk with bags to the hotel.

Milano Centrale is the biggest station in Italy.

On our return here, we feel comfortable, know exactly where we are going, unlike our first day here, when we arrived from Australia.

Italians that we have talked to, marvel at our epic journey. It is as if we have come from the moon. Such a long way, and they will never come to Australia, as it is too far!

Smoking has not decreased in this country. Some many young people, especially women smoking. They are going stir crazy on the non smoking trains. Some cannot help themselves, but smoke in the WC. Others jump out at any station where the train stops to have a puff.

Eating evening meals can be a bit testing too, as most eating places open at 7.30 or 8 pm. The more touristy places open a bit earlier. So if you had kids in toe, I guess they would be eating pizza. You can usually get food at rail way stations too. Or at Tabbachi who sell tickets, tobacco, and stand up coffee and cake/ croissants.

Our last day in Italy. Most shops are shut on Sundays.

Shops operate from 8-9 in the morning to 1pm, then siesta time, they close, open up again at 4 - 8 pm.

So you have to time your shopping around visits to other places of interest , otherwise you miss out.

That was our last lug of luggage. Although we will lug back to station on Monday to catch the Malpensa express to aeroport, but that train is level with the platform !

Today is our last full day to taste Italy, let us see what we will do.

Love Marco and Giana

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