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Enjoying some ice cream before ziplining


Queenstown Bay

Queenstown Bay during sunset

Someone gave me their sunglasses!

What a jammed packed day!

Woke up super early... 7am... and had breakfast. Met up with a few others at reception and walked to the meeting point for white water rafting! The outside air temp was about 8 degrees (I'm worldly now so I discuss in Celsius... F). We get to the base of the mountain to get fitted for thick wet suits. Wetsuit overall pants, thick wetsuit jacket, wetsuit shoes with socks, a waterproof jacket, and a lifevest. We jumped back into the van and drove about 40 minutes over the most dangerous road in New Zealand. Seriously, it was a one lane dirt road and the wheels of the van were mere inches from going over the cliff. Some of the cliff I couldn't see the bottom. I'd estimate 250-300 feet down. On one turn, it was such a hard left turn, that the front right tire actually went over the cliff. We finally came to the top of the rafting trip and after a short safety briefing, we jumped in the raft. Myself and another guy were chosen to sit up front to set the pace of paddling. The water was so so cold. At the first real rapid, aka 'the squeeze', we went thru fine, a bunch of water crashed on us, but we made it. For safety reasons, all boats will pull off the side after going thru a tough rapid to ensure if anyone falls out, they can save them. We go thru, pulled over, and waited for the last boat to come thru. Well they got stuck right before the rapid descent. So our guide jumps out, points to me, and tells me to get outta the boat and physically hold the boat from going downstream. Normally they would tie off to the edge, but with the risk of the other boat flipping, there wasn't time. But the time 2 guides got to the stuck boat, it started to get loose, turned sideways, and flipped, sending everyone up against a rock and floating downstream. The guides yelled down to grabbed as many as we could using the oars for length. So I held onto a rock with one hand and stretched out so the boat was further into the water so the last person could reach out. Luckily we were quick enough to pull one girl out. Eventually all made it to the side and had to walk back to their raft. After a little bit the guide asked if anyone wanted to jump in the water because no rapids for awhile. So I flipped over and dropped in the river. The wetsuit kept me warm except for my hands and face. Dropped in the water one more time, and finally came around the bend to the shore where we get off. We helped load the boat in the trailer and we rushed inside to take a warm shower.

After getting back into town we were hungry so we ate lunch at Fergburger (3rd burger). Finished up lunch and walked back to that gondola so we can get to the top to go ziplining! Took a few hours... wasn't much fun though, but made the best of it. We get to the bottom of the mountain, dropped our gear off and smilan and I hauled ass into town to go to the haunted house called Fear Factory. It's a maze type environment in pitch black. Kinda fun, not real scary, just jumpy when things would grab you or flash light in their faces. The group of 7 of us finished without chickening out and headed to dinner at Devil's burger. It's where some locals suggested to go. Man were we highly disappointed. After one bite I wanted to throw it away. Finished the horrible burger and went back to the hotel to pregame. I heard from others that tonight people were gonna stay low key though. Smilan, Naomi, Victorio, and I had other plans. We walked about a bit to find a bar. Found a place with $3 beers and $4 shots, so we stayed there awhile. After a bit we walked back to World Bar. To our surprise, it was a huge costume party!  Ordered some more drinks and shots and partied it up! The bartender kicked us out cause we were 'too drunk' but I don't think we were. But we made the best of things and went to Fergburger one last time (4th Fergburger).

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