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A pit stop on the way to Milford Sound

Stop at Mirror Lake



On Milford Sound

Look carefully on rock... Sea lions!

Waterfall at Milford Sound

Today wasn't much in terms of stuff we did. Took a bit of a ride thru some national forests and stopped a few places for some pics. The best part of the day was Milford Sound. We jumped on a big ship and headed out the cove. It was so windy and a bit chilly. Luckily I wore my sweatshirt, rain jacket, and snow cap. The first 20 or so minutes we all were downstairs and inside eating a boxed lunch. But once we were done, we headed to the top deck and saw some amazing views. When we got to the end of the cove, right before we entered the ocean, we pulled up real close to the edge to see some penguins! We were told they were the rarest penguins on Earth with only 5000 left.  We turned around and  on the way back, we saw some sea lions sunbathing on a big bolder! The captain of the ship also brought the bow of the boat so close to going under a waterfall that we got a bit wet from the splashing. After we docked, we jumped back in the bus and headed to hotel for the night.

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