Hong Kong Australia and New Zealand Fall 2017 travel blog

Waimungu Volcanic Valley

Waimangu Volcanic Valley road sign

Waimangu Volcanic Valley map

Imposing Maori mounment near the entrance

Steam rises over the valley-1

Steam rises over the valley-2

Steam rises over teh valley-3

Steamy cliffs and bubbling waters

Hotwater Algae

Selfie at the waterfall

Susan and David in the mist.

inferno crater

Steaming waterfalls

Our intrepid group

Warbrick Terraces

More pretty country on the way to Napier

Cape Kidnappers Tractor Tour

Waiting on the tractor

On the tractor heading out

Oops. Stuck--but not for long

The beach and the cliffs

Dramatic cliffs

Jelly fish on the beach

Jelly fish--closer look

Cliffs show the fault line that runs thru here.

Tractor on the beach

More fault lines

Gannet country

Gannets at nests

Gannet in flight

Gannet courting

Pigeons in the cliffs

Cape Kidnappers sign

Waimangu's unique features

Bubbling stream

Pretty algae

Inferno crater

Geyser on the trail

Orange fields of algae in the hot stream

The lake we did not get to.

Waterfall on a roadside stop

Tractor travel briefing

On the tractor

Wedding photos?

Pulling along

David got to hold Susan's camera.

Susan enjoying the ride-1

Susan enjoying the ride-2

Good shot of the fault line

bird discussion

Nesting Gannets

Mr. Gannet brings nesting materials to impress Mrs. Gannet

Gannet courting

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