Hong Kong Australia and New Zealand Fall 2017 travel blog

Entrance to bird sanctuary at Mount Bruce

North Island Kokako sign

Susan and the Kokako



New Zealand parrots sign

Kakas sign

Pretty Kaka

Kaka shot

Kaka feeding


Not sure what this was, but looked interesting

Look hard--there is a whiote kiwi in there the size of a...

Tuatara--almost like a dinosaur.

Kiwi Country

White kiwi statue

Down the road to Wellington (literally down--going from mountains to the coast)

The Mount Bruce Wildlife Sanctuary was on the road to Wellington. This was a bird sanctuary to protect and preserve birds that are iconic to New Zealand. They had some Kakas, rare Arctic parrots that did a regular feeding there. And they featured a rare white Kiwi. We saw him running around in a red lighted cage. Kiwis are funny, because you think they are little bitty guys with long beaks when they are really the size of a football. I think this white kiwi was a little crazy as he was running around frantically through the cage. But we saw a Kiwi! Turned out he was not our last.

From there we drove on through some fairly dramatic mountains and passes before we reached Wellington. Our RV park was in the outskirts, but it was very nice and rustic.

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