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7km (about 3km for me)

The day has arrived. We make our final walk in to Santiago, to the church and collect our Compostela!

I have mixed emotions; it is very exciting to be at this point, however when we arrive it will be the last day and that makes me sad. It has been such a great week with awesome people and I just don’t want it to end!

All get out to walk the last 7km through the outskirts and city of Santiago to the cathedral. Today is our first bit of rain, and really it is no more than a mist and dissipates quickly although the clouds remain for the day.

Paul, Leslie and I are dropped off closer to the city and do our own Camino. A great little clothing store catches Leslie’s eye and before long, the three of us are buying T-shirts! We are now only meters away from the church. First order is to have a cafe con leche and then head to mass. Paul & Leslie and most of the others attend mass, and I guard the backpacks outside and wait for them.

What a great achievement and accomplishment for everyone! It really has been a great journey to get to this point. Our Camino is certainly not over though, we have been on this journey for the past year and we will continue to follow it in the days to come. Comforting……

Following mass, we are able to check in to the hotel and five of us, Paul, Cecilia, Annie, Leslie & I, arrange to meet to head out for Tapas. We went to one that Paul & Paul recommended and just happened to be the same one I went to twice two years ago. I didn’t write it down, but it had Cardinal in the name. Our waiter was hilarious and we had wonderful food.

It has started to rain again and Annie & I wander a wee bit before heading to our rooms. Time to repack for tomorrow’s departure 𯘢.

Tonight is our final group dinner, and along with the food, the conversation and company was fantastic! What a great evening and a great experience! A week is a great taste of the Camino, just not long enough! We will need to return!

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