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Day 14 - Return to Addis Ababa

A morning flight will brings you back to Addis. On your last day in Addis you will visit the Entoto Mountains, with a fantastic view over the city, the National Museum or Ethnological museum, Trinity Cathedral and the Merkato, reputedly the biggest open air market in Africa.

Addis Ababa was founded in 1887 by Emperor Menelik II, and its name means ‘new flower’ in Amharic. A large city, it is the third highest capital in the world sitting at an altitude of 2400m. It hosts East Africa’s largest market, the Mercato, a sprawling mass of stalls where one can find just about anything for sale, including the much favoured national drug qat, and is well endowed with other sights. Churches such as St George’s Cathedral and the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity give a great insight into Ethiopia’s particular brand of Christianity. The Cathedral of St George, named after Ethiopia’s patron saint (the famed dragon slayer who also serves as patron saint of England) was built by Emperor Menelik to commemorate his victory over Italian forces at Adwa, and houses a small museum with a collection of important religious paintings, books and artefacts. A good National Museum holds an interesting selection of artefacts from Ethiopia’s wide and varied history. Ethiopia was the only African nation never to be fully colonised, although the Italians occupied parts of it for a time in the first half of the twentieth century, and it is still possible to see remnants of their legacy in Addis, particularly in the Piazza area which is a great place to walk around and soak up the atmosphere.

Flight back to Addis Ababa for city tour.

Group tour ends.

Our morning flight turned out to be at 1.30pm which put an impossible pressure on the itinerary. I stayed behind in the Addis hotel, however, as I was feeling no better and as a precaution wanted to see a doctor before leaving Addis. He confirmed I have flu and prescribed pills and a nasal spray.

The group returned after seeing only the city highlights, all very rushed and not getting the scenic view over Addis. We had our last dinner together as most were leaving in the middle of the night and made our farewells.

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