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Over the fields for a short cut into Barrowford, a bit breezy and a light shower or two

Here are some random pics of the town.

This place is a bit more "upmarket" than the last few places we've been.

Larger houses and more exclusive shops.

The streets have some nice garden planter boxes and the place is a lot cleaner than some.

We spotted some of these witch signs around the place and went into the tourist information place to find out more about it.

The Pendle Hill witches are apparently quite famous and there have been many novels written about them.

They lived in the 1600's at the time of religious persecution and superstition. 2 particular Pendle families led by the wily old matriarchs, whose existence depended on exaggerating the cures they offered to local villagers, and this led to their undoing so to speak!! One day in 1612 a man collapsed, paralysed and claimed he had been cursed. To cut a long story short, the two old women and their daughters were commited for trial for witchcraft at Lancaster Castle. They were of course found guilty of witchcraft and swung from the gallows. So there are a couple of walks (trails) where you can look at some of the places these witches lived, died and were buried etc. The walks are 4 miles each, so we won't be doing that today!

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