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Does nothing for my face though!

Me and Brad

33 degrees is tough

Despite my brandy-hangover this morning, we took the tender boat to the town of Tan Chau “unspoiled by tourism”. They must have been thrilled by the arrival of all us old white people then. We visited Evergreen Island which is where much of the local delicacy - rats - are caught and skinned for market. Luckily they haven’t yet appeared on the menu. Or so we believe. We witnessed rattan mat making and silk weaving in the health and safety style of the 19th century Manchester cotton mills. It was genuinely interesting and god they work hard.

We were taken between the venues via rickshaws. I must be eating too much because my little Bradley Wiggins was being overtaken by everyone else every few minutes, no matter how hard I whipped him.

Vietnamese people are fantastic - genuinely friendly and happy to see us. I’ve never been Mother Earth but their kids are completely adorable and can’t wait to practice their ‘hello’ every time we meet them. Very squidgeable.

This afternoon we relaxed on the boat as it moored in the middle of the Mekong river and tried out the onboard pool for the first time. I say pool but it’s more like a giant jacuzzi without the bubbles. Well, I certainly don’t want to see any. Sadly we had to listen to the dulcet tones of the border official in a hut on the banks who loved the sound of his own voice and was over zealous on the microphone. He was probably displaying our visa photos on national telly and taking the full Micky.

Pensioners can certainly move quickly enough when ice cream is offered on the sun deck. I kept well back as I do want to live to see Phnom Penh tomorrow. The food has been great all the way so far and no sign of Delhi Belly or Mekong movements yet thank goodness. As Neil put it “a dry fart is a welcome fart”. And he says I’m common 𯙄



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