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Damaged from last years storm.No access...boo hoo.

Pismo Beach

She got to walk in the water..it was cold!

Pismo Beach surfers


After leaving the straight roads and Interstate we ventured onto a California west facing highway. About 1 hour away from the Intersate heading west I seen a car parked on the side of the road about 200 yards in front of us. He then drove quickly onto the road in front of us and then made some distance away from us before coming to a stop again along the road side.

I was really watching him because of the way he pulled out in front of us ,and then he did what every driver worries about. He made a U turn directly in front of us!!!!!!!!!! It was close... he almost ruined everyones day right then and there, I had already slowed down because of his previous action. Unfortunately my road cam was not recording or I would share those scary moments with you.

We got parked at our place in Morro Bay set up and drove directly down to Pismo Beach. I wanted to take Marion onto the Pismo Beach Pier that juts out some 1700 ft into the ocean. IT was closed for repairs, a storm last winter did part of it in. So we wandered around the boardwalks ,went for a walk in the sand,watched some surfers and Marion got her feet wet. Then found a place to eat and returned back to Morro Bay where we walked along the Embarcadero until we got cold. The rains held off until after 6pm. It was a good day in spite of some idiot trying to kill us back on that highway.

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