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Our lunch friends


The Porsches at Halong Bay

We have all arrived safely in Halong Bay. All the cars have completed the trip safely which is a great relief to everybody. The passengers are all OK too.

The drive was excellent again - I am afraid that you will have to wait until I am at home for all the photos as, once again, the wi- fi is disappointingly slow. It has been very frustrating!

The scenery was all limestone karst ( funny lumps) and paddy fields again all day. After some spectacular mountains at the beginning where we had a few stops for photos there was a coffee stop in a village and lunch was a packet of crisps by the side of the road. We gave our spare biscuits to a family who were nearby. People are all very friendly if a little bemused.

We encountered a very busy town with a festival going on and a number of stretches of road works, with a diversion and the odd road number change to keep us on our toes.

Once in Halong Bay we were visited by the local Classic Car Club at the hotel and for our photo shoot with the sea and islands where we are going to have our boat trip tomorrow.

Photo of us to follow!

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