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The sun is shining this morning....lets go to Hearst!

Its definitely a castle

Every castle has to have circular stairwells

Dining room table set for 22 , tapestries adorn most most walls...


The indoor pool was the most impressive sight for me today.


Outdoor Neptune Pool. currently drained and being restored with thousands of tiles.

one of many bedrooms.All of them had regular mattresses from department stores.

Can you find the difference between the 2 pool tables

Hearsts bedroom

lots of citrus trees around the property

Weird.... there are several of these around the castle.Used for putting dead...

Long day, we wanted to do 2 back to back different tours and had no idea if they would line up. Or else we might have had to wait an hour or more to get the other tour or not. We left early and got there by 10am it worked... we got our back to back tours. After seeing every kind of castle and palace in Europe last summer,I was not sure if today was a good idea or if we would be bored to death.

At least this castle was not in ruins like the Irish ones.

The Hearst family/ranch donated this property to the state so everyone could visit and see it.I'm sure they did not want to live in it.

After seeing it I can only say "Nobody should have that kind of money and influence"

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