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Good Morning Vietnam

President palace

PP helicopter

Post Office designed by Gustav Eiffle

Government headquarters

Crazy streets

Saigon lady

Notes Dame and the crying our lady of peace

History: Founded as a small fishing village, Ho Chi Minh City is now Vietnam’s largest city. Though it is still commonly called Saigon, locals are as likely to simplify the name of their home town to HCMC. Pagodas blend with French colonial grandeur, all against a constant buzz of motor scooters and trill of bicycle bells.

Let’s get it over with “Good Morning Vietnam” all I can say is motor bikes and karaoke, what an active city of 12 million. History, shopping and eating abound if you can get across the streets which do not have stop signs or lights, they zig zag and travel against the traffic and on sidewalks. Amazing didn’t see one accident oh and they ride 4 at a time and transport chickens ducks and pigs, Evil Knevil would not stand a chance.

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