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Lak Lake

Near Lak Lake

Houses on legs

Free pig


The pillars of plants behind are pepper plants growing on wooden posts.

Attending to the cars at Da Lat

The Da Lat Palace Hotel - one of the best!

We drove through the central highlands seeing evidence of many of Vietnam’s crops: coffee, pepper and fruit. Bananas everywhere. Our first stop was at Lak lake. The lake itself is very pretty and we saw fishermen out in small craft. The villages near the lake have houses on legs and many small pigs running around. The place has become developed for tourists as there is an elephant centre and one may ride on an elephant as it swims in the lake. I don’t think any of us did but we did drink some good coffee.

We also stopped at the elephant falls where there was a climb down over the rocks. Lunch was in a restaurant nearby and was good Vietnamese noodles. After lunch we drove through one of the main coffee growing regions where we could see evidence of how the forest has been cleared for agriculture.

On to Da Lat where our hotel was excellent. We walked out along the lake where plants were for sale for the Tet Festival - the equivalent of the Chinese New Year which is imminent. We then found an area set up as an area for events with steps to use as seating. The seats were full and a number of groups were performing formation dances. It was great fun and had obviously required much practice. We walked back to the hotel through an underground shopping centre which could almost have been transferred from the UK.

Dinner was organised in the hotel as it was said to have the best restaurant in town. It was certainly very good and steak and chips was a change from Vietnamese food.

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