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A great night with lemoncello

Back home with kitty

I returned home at 7:00 last night. I spent the long flight and then today thinking back over the trip. I don't consider myself to be a great traveler, but Italy really was a wonderful place to visit. I loved walking all the old streets, and even their doors were beautiful to me. I love it when we wander into places unplanned like the convent and the castle from 1400 that we stayed at. The food was fantastic and the wine was good and cheap! Bob and I talked a lot about how people do vacations differently. There's no one right way. We possibly like more history than some, but we also appreciate the times we can just sit at a cafe or tavern. We like to mix up the city sites with the scenery of a coast or a lake. I discovered in the UK, and it was absolutely confirmed here, I am a spoiled American. I don't like that about myself, but not sure it will change. Bob is only spoiled when it comes to his technology! And finally, I wish I had learned some Italian! Pointing can only take you so far.

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