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This is "crazy guy" our personal shuttle.

Betsy and I part ways

Flying over the Alps.

German country side from the train.

My friend Rainer in October 2015.


Dinner with Rainer's partner Wiebke.


So Betsy and I parted company on Thursday. It was a strange feeling sitting in the airport alone waiting for my flight. I depend on her to help figure things out. I caught my flight from Milan to Frankfurt flying over the Alps. At Frankfurt I got my big bag and got to the train station. It was a long walk but I got to the right platform. I still had some moments of anxiety as I was not completely sure of my train as I hopped on. It was the right one and 2 hours later I was in Gottingen. I traveled here to see my friend Rainer. He and I worked on many exchanges together. He is a teacher at Halepagen Schule in Buxtehude. Sadly he is here fighting cancer. His prognosis is not good but he is fighting. I was so glad to see him and even though he speech was a struggle at times he still had his wonderful laugh and that is what I will choose to remember. This visit will probably be the last time we will be together and I am very sorry for that. He is a dear friend. After I had a good German beer and a good German meal with his partner Wiebke. We talked about Rainer and what she has been doing to help him. She is a wonderful person.

Early the next morning I left by train to Hamburg and ultimately my exchange school's town-Buxtehude. I look forward to seeing my friends.

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