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Checkout day from Mohonk. We started out with the breakfast buffet again. From there we moved on to the gardens to see the rose garden we missed earlier. Not much to see. Roses not doing well due to heat. We decided to try our hands at shuffleboard. Took us both a while to get into game form. We played three games with Cheryl winning one and me winning two. The last game was in doubt until the last shot. Very close. We watched the boaters for a while, then went in to pack and get ready to check out by 1:00 PM. While waiting for lunch, we found the pool table, and found we were about as in practice for that as we were for shuffleboard. I eventually won 8 balls to 7. Close again.

We ate lunch and began the drive to Greenville NY, home to our friends Linda and Dave Todd. Linda is probably the person most responsible for getting Cheryl interested in working in a library 50 years ago. We chose the longer 'off the beaten path' route. Two and a half hours instead of one and a half. Lots of local roads. Very interesting. We came across a shop called Fabulous Furniture. It is run by a man named Steve Heller. He makes things such as robots and spaceships out of old metal parts, as well as making some really nice wooden furniture. Cheryl and I saw a dining room table that was really nice. Wouldn't fit in the car! His work and shop have been featured in programs on HGTV and similar. Fun visit.

We arrived at the B&B in Greenville at about 4:30. Checked in and contacted Linda. We had dinner with Linda and Dave at a restaurant along the Hudson River. Really good Calimari! After we went back to their home and had dessert and good conversation. Made plans to go boating tomorrow or Saturday.

That's it for now. More to come tomorrow.

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