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The glass pyramids of Muttart Conservatory

The temperate zone pyramid

The arid zone

Part of downtown Edmonton

This is still a working grain elevator

The Ukrainian Heritage Village

I was warned to stay away from the rooster because he was...

Plains Bison at Elk Island National Park

It was lovely to see so many young ones

I made up for yesterday’s lazy day by going to 3 different places, after watching the end of the Men’s semi-final which started at 6:00 am here.

I started off at the Muttart Conservatory which is not far from downtown Edmonton so I got to drive along the North Saskatchewan River valley for a while. The conservatory is split into 4 glass pyramids, each with a different theme – tropical, temperate, arid & a feature pyramid where the theme changes.

I was a bit disappointed as the pyramids were quite small – I suppose I’m spoiled after seeing the magnificent conservatories in Singapore & Kew Gardens.

From there I drove about 50 km east of Edmonton to the Ukrainian Heritage Village which is next door to Elk Island National Park so it was worth the drive.

The village was very spread out so it involved lots of walking but the highlight for me was the old grain elevator. This one is still working & the operator was there explaining & demonstrating how it all works. The train comes from Edmonton every 2nd day & drops off the empty boxcars then comes back the alternate day to pick up the full ones.

They had 2 churches, a Ukrainian Orthodox church & a Ukrainian Catholic church. Unfortunately the catholic church was closed so I couldn’t compare them.

Then I went on to Elk Island park where I knew they had a good herd of bison. On my way to the heritage village I had seen some bison on the opposite side of the road from the park. I had to look twice to make sure they weren’t cows but they were definitely bison & I found out later that they’re Wood Bison, much rarer than the Plains Bison I saw in the park.

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