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Today started with breakfast at a place called Ambition on a pedestrian mall in Schenectady. Good meal. We headed for Howe Caverns, arriving less than an hour later.

Cheryl has said that she went there in 1964. Obviously didn't make a large impression. She remembered very little. We went on the tour with about 20 other folks. The tour starts with an elevator ride down 163 feet...roughly 16 stories. We stepped out into the starting point really glad we brought sweatshirts. Upstairs it was 84 degrees. Down here about 50 degrees. We walked through the cavern, seeing various formations with interesting facts and stories about what we were seeing. We saw a formation called the Bridal Alter. It is a natural formation that resembles a small church alter. They have put a heart shaped piece limestone with a light behind it in the floor. It is said that if a married couples walks over the heart, within a year they will go on a second honeymoon. I made sure Cheryl and I walked over it. I want to go to Disney World. Most of the tour was walking, but near the far end of the cavern we got onto a boat for the last quarter mile. The tour took about 90 minutes.

After the tour, we were looking for lunch. We went into the town of Cobleskill pop. 4,678. There was a charming three block long downtown area that we walked. We found a really nice restaurant for lunch. By the time we finished lunch at around three, most of the stores including the used book store were closed (Sunday afternoon after all).

We drove back to Schenectady and relaxed in the hotel lobby for a while. Cheryl suggested we take a walk around an historic area of the city, about 4 or 5 blocks away.

The area was called the GE Realty Historic District. It seems the GE company was started in Schenectady by Thomas Edison (after he invented the electric light in NJ) and George Westinghouse. This area of the city was the homes built for the GE executives and high ranking employees. Incredible homes built between about 1890 and 1930. All of the homes are still private homes and most are still in gorgeous condition. A few are being used as student housing and frat houses for Union College, which is across the street.

Well, that was another full day. Time to retire for the evening. Tomorrow Cooperstown.

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