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For the past month New York has had a terrible drought. Well, today they got a little relief, at least around Schenectady. Lots of rain and occasional lightning and thunder. Not an encouraging day to go to Ausable Chasm. After breakfast at Denny's again (we didn't have to walk very far), we headed for the Chasm. We were hopeful that 130 miles north and two and a half hours would clear the skies. As it turned out, we were right.

We arrived to some clouds and some sun. The person at the check in desk warned about chances of rain and lightning. She said that if they hear thunder they will bring folks in. We asked what happens if it rains hard. She said "You get wet!". We decided to try to go out to the walking path. We chose an intermediate course. About 2 miles round trip, and a half mile raft ride. We did the walk out and occasionally got some rain, but when the sun came out it dried really quickly. Lots of stairs and some small walking bridges over parts of the chasm. We made it to the raft and were told to remove shoes and socks to try to keep them dry. After a few quick instructions (wedge your feet under the seat in front of you, hold on to the straps on the side) we were off. We had two wonderful young ladies as our guides and drivers. Cheryl and I had a wonderful time joking around with them. The other couple in the raft kind of kept quiet. The ride was mostly calm and relaxing until we got to the rapids. A little more exciting. A successful run. We walked most of the way back, and then found a trolley stop. We had had enough walking.

A quick bite at the snack bar, a brief walk through the museum and gift shop, and we were off. We were headed to Burlington, VT. Our trip would be mostly via ferry. We arrived at Port Kent to meet the ferry boat. We were told the trip would take about an hour. That surprised us. It looked so short on the map! By the time we boarded and got underway there were about 10 other vehicles and about a dozen walkers. We met another couple who we later learned were from Ontario. He talked a lot about Canada, and we told about New Jersey and New York. The hour went by quickly. We left the boat and found our hotel with the reliable help of Google Maps. After a dinner at Outback we returned to our room and relaxed for the evening, Cheryl reading and me watching the All-Star game.

Tomorrow, Ben & Jerry's and Calvin Coolidge.

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