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It's a 5 mile drive up the mountain. Many pullouts along the...

We're climbing higher.

We had to make a tight u-turn through the castle to the...

Don't let those stone stairs fool you. It soon becomes all rocks!

You have to pull yourself along with the rails.

I was glad the wind wasn't this strong today!

We made it!

The Summit Tower

The view of Lake Placid below.

Carla and I

What goes up, must come down!

It looked like a long way down!

I stopped to snap a picture of the ribbon of road below.

When you see the flag, you know you're almost there.

Next stop, High Falls Gorge

Ausable River

An interesting tree with the roots attached to the side of the...

Beautiful and serene Mirror Lake.

Wed., July 18th – After today’s adventure, you can forget everything I’ve said about our rugged, rocky challenging hikes on this trip. Why? Because they were all pretty wimpy compared to today’s treacherous climb to the summit of Whiteface Mountain. The .2 mile vertical incline from the parking area to the peak is most often by elevator deep inside the mountain – but not today. The elevator was out of commission. So, not knowing what we were in for, up we went. The uneven slippery rocks and boulders were a nightmare to navigate, but I was grateful for the sturdy handrails that kept me upright most of the way. (I did manage to slip once or twice right down to my rump…luckily, at 4’11”, I don’t have so far to go.) The view at the summit was one those “you can see forever” vistas and made the tough climb worth the effort….well, almost! Our next stop at High Falls Gorge on the Ausable River was a welcome walk along the neatly constructed bridges and boardwalks that encircle this amazingly beautiful waterfall. We finished our afternoon with a leisurely stroll through Lake Placid’s downtown on the shores of the picturesque Mirror Lake.

By the way, Steve opted to fish the Ausable River today. Even though he didn’t land any fish in these overworked waters, he enjoyed wading the river in the peace and quiet.

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