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Today we decided to drop anchor at Mystic Seaport and the town of Mystic. They are only about 15 minutes from our hotel, so we were able to leave a little later than usual.

We went downstairs for the complimentary breakfast. One of the things that they have is a waffle maker. Really simple to use. You pour the batter into a cup to measure the right amount, pour it onto the waffle iron, close and flip. A timer starts and when the timer beeps, the waffles are done. It works really well. This morning there was a family at breakfast with us. I noticed the boy, about 10 years old, had made waffles that were purplish in color. I figured he had included blueberries in the batter. I decided to try it. Not bad. Then he told me that he had brought blueberry jam and put it into the batter. Cheryl decided to try blueberries and cherries. Also not bad. The boy's father took it one step further. He used some of the scrambled eggs and sausage cut up. Interesting, but I'll stick to the blueberries. Then breakfast was over and they took the waffle iron away.

After breakfast, we drove to Mystic Seaport. We had been there years ago, but were not too impressed, so when a lot of folks said they enjoyed it so much we decided to try it again. Mystic Seaport is a collection of old buildings, newer museum and exhibit type buildings, old sailing ships, a couple of restaurants and two gift shops. We walked around the buildings, some of which had people in character to talk to, some had recordings of people from the 1800s. The people talked about barrel making, home cooking, one person had us try to guess what some outdated items were used for. Unfortunately, Cheryl and I were able to do real well on that one. One building had a recording of a teacher and students in a classroom interacting with each other. Another had a preacher giving a sermon on the evils of drinking spirits. We also were able to board two old sailing ships. There was not too much interaction on them, but interesting. We went to one building that had an exhibit of figureheads, those figures that are mounted on the front of the sailing ships. There was an explanation of how to tell when they were made, what some of them meant, and so on. We went to see an exhibit about the Vineland Map. The Vineland Map is a map that surfaced in October 1965, right between Leif Erickson Day and Columbus Day. It proports to be a map made by the Vikings around the year 1000 CE. The men who "discovered" it brought it to Yale, who authenticated it. It caused quite a stir when it was unveiled in 1965, particularly among the Italian community. Since that time, science has pretty much proved it a fake, even though the parchment is from that time period. All in all, the day was very interesting and entertaining. We were there until 5:00 PM when the Seaport closed for the day.

From there we drove the 0.9 miles to downtown Mystic. The downtown area is a charming area with lots of local shops and restaurants. We walked around the area past a park which was getting ready for a music performance, past some old homes which had signs telling when they were built and who was the original occupants. We found a place to eat called Grass and Bone. They are a combination casual restaurant and butcher shop. After dinner we walked back towards the car, passing the place called "Mystic Pizza". Those who are not familiar with that, look it up on IMDB. We got back to the car and drove the 15 minutes back to the hotel.

Tomorrow home.

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