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Today is go home day. We had thought of making a couple of stops along the way. We thought about the P.T. Barnum Museum in Bridgeport, CT. Closed on Tuesday. We thought of seeing the J. Alden Weir, the Weir Farm National Historic Site, the only National Historic Site in Conn. Closed on Tuesday. At this point I figured the gods were telling me that it was time to just go home. So, we set our sights for Central Jersey. We had our last complimentary breakfast (not as much fun with the waffles today) and hit the road.

We decided to take the Merritt Parkway. It is much more scenic than I-95, the Conn. Turnpike. Also, it being a parkway, no trucks, always a plus. From the parkway we took the Tappan Zee Bridge, and decided to take route 202 through New Jersey. Nice drive, much like a Vermont or N.H. back road. As we were driving, we saw a police car at a construction zone that said Oakland Police. Cheryl said that Oakland rang a bell with her. Then she recalled that the Oakland Library was a SWAT library in their second year. This was one of the libraries she visited to give suggestions on improving a certain area. We stopped for gas and she checked Miss Neverlost for the location of the library. Two blocks from where we were. So, we decided to visit.

We walked through the library and she noticed major improvements in the library from when she was there. Big changes in the adult section for a number of reasons. Nice visit.

We stopped on the road for lunch, then down the turnpike to home. We completed our trip.

Some interesting items from our trip. We drove a total of 2,273 miles through 7 states. We stayed at 8 different lodgings. We visited the birthplaces of 4 presidents. I who is a non swimmer and not real comfortable on the water, rode on a paddleboat, a trawler, a ferry and a rubber raft. Talk about getting out of my comfort zone! We discovered that Cheryl and I can coexist in a closed car and hotel room for three weeks, and neither of us "accidently" slipped off a mountain, lost our balance and "accidently" fell overboard or had any other accident. We really had only one day of rain the entire time. All in all, it was a wonderful trip. Time to take a day off before we start planning our next trip. Thanks to all who kept up with us. I hope you enjoyed the narrative.

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