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the museum

Mascot: the mule

excellent guide for the tour

the new chapel


part of the world's largest pipe organ

the cemetery

honoring Viet Nam service

some familiar names



the old chapel

on the parade grounds:sky jumpers



George Washington

they like IKE... he had a rather undistinguished record here





this is where the 13 links or chain that spanned the Hudson...


across from the academy

Our time in the Hudson River valley has been punctuated by a lot of rain. We had a one day window so we drove a little over an hour down to West Point. Lots to see here. We did take the guided bus tour which took us to the chapels, cemetery, main parade grounds and the overlook of the Hudson River. We spent a good deal of time watching the cadets sky diving, landing on the parade grounds. Lots of symbols and statues. We did miss the seeing the plebes who were out "camping" about 12 miles away... not your usual summer camping experience. We finished off the day with dinner across the river at Dolly's in the town of Garrison. This was the location for the 60s filming of Hello Dolly. It represented Yonkers of the 19th century.

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