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We made it to the farm just before sunset

The boys

The girls

What a night!!


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Our little servers

Charles and Nick

Me and the boys

USA here we come!!

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Livin it up!

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Got ya!

The birthday boy and his gal




Camp fire songs

It's been a long night

Jacobus on the lake

A nice shot

Charlie deep in thought


Now smile Charles!

What a view

I couldn't help myself

So I experienced one of the infamous 21st!! In South Africa it is quite a big deal, unlike in the States where it is pretty much just about getting drunk. Here it is more about the party...though there is a bit of drinking involved! These birthday parties are a huge event and are often themed (I think this one was a touch of plaas, aka country bumpkin) and speeches are given.

Charles picked me up and we headed to his rugby game. I enjoyed watching though I don't know if I will ever get used to watching those guys pummel each other. The game didn't turn out quite as Charles had hoped, I thought they did well...shows how much I know. After the game we headed off to Gordon's Uncle's Farm. It was a beautiful drive and it felt wonderful to be on the road again. I love watching the South African landscape fly by.

We arrived at the gate just as the sun was beginning to set and were soon met by a couple of children on a quad. They opened the gate for us and we drove on to the camp site. There were about 30 people there and they were having an absolute ball. They had been at the farm since the morning and I am sure the libations were flowing since then. Charlie and I jumped out and got changed just in time to be picked up by a 'bus' that we all crammed into and were taken to the venue, singing all the way.

It was a fantastic night full of pool, tennis, dancing and a lot of laughter. The speeches were wonderful (Jacobus did a great job!!) and Gordon's mom actually made me get a bit teary. And of course the video was fantastic! After a wonderful evening (which seemed to fly by) we were all shuttled back to the camp. We sat around the fire and of course a guitar was lugged out...those South Africans sure love to sing! I crashed fairly early and drifted in and out of sleep giggling when I awoke to random war cries throughout the night. Silly boys.

The next morning everyone was quite the site. You could see that the previous nights activities had taken their toll. Our breakfast soon arrived and we all enjoyed a beautifully catered meal. I took the opportunity to steal away and have some time to myself under a tree by the lake. The thought of leaving Cape Town is always in the back of my mind. I just wish I could slow time down. I am enjoying every minute I have here, I just feel like I am going down a really steep slide and I am doing every thing I can to slow myself down but the slide is just too slippery. Soon I will be at the bottom of the slide and on my way back to the states.

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